Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Putting The Pieces Together

          After waking up from my astonishing nap, I could see my mom had done some organising. We shared rooms due that we were staying in my grandmother's home in Argentina when I had my summer break. .She hung all her scarves and jewellery in a dark brown hanger. I love going through my mother's things, looking through her make-up, trying on her jewellery, peering into her closet; It makes me feel close to her.

          I tiptoed towards the bed to take a closer look, the candle was burning, it smelled like fresh fall and pumpkin pie, it reminded me of the fall season. I stared at all the neatly and different coloured scarves. I picked one up and wrapped it around my neck; I felt like a grown up.

         “What are you doing?” I startled, I felt my mother's voice crawling up my back.

         “Nothing” My first reflex was stupid but it was the truth I wasn’t doing anything, just admiring. Thinking she was angry she sat next to me in the bed. I don’t usually get much attention from mom so I wasn’t sure what her mood would be. She could have been angry or just curious. She was wearing a nice silk shirt and fancy Indian pashmina scarf.

         “So, how is school doing?” she said. I was surprised she even asked.

         “School is amazing, I loved our making a difference unit.” I wasn’t sure what to expect from mom but anything would have been fine with me. She’s always too busy with my brothers or with my dad. I am the youngest of two girls and one boy, my odds of knowing the family gossip were not in my favor. I didn’t think life could be any harder until I found out Delfina, my 27 year old sister, was moving to Italy in December. So today was the perfect opportunity to talk to my mom and catch her up to school and talk about the family or really just talk.

          She reminisced about what she used to wear back when she was younger. She loved to keep her makeup natural but put together. She liked to wear rouge but just a little bit. I admire my mom as a rolemodel to me, she is always right. I really look forward to being more like her when I am older. Her telling me all of these things gave me courage to ask her about my dad and why he always traveled, I felt as if he slowly drifted away every time he left on a business trip.

          “Mom? Why is dad always away, I know he works a lot to keep us all happy but what makes me happy is to spend time with him and the rest of the family.”

         “Maria, your dad travels all around the world to bring you joy and education.You have to know that he is always thinking about you and your brothers. He is the reason we are sitting in your grandma’s house, in Argentina and because of him we have a house and food and we can pay your school.” I thought about how my brothers might feel and if they felt the same way as me.

          At that moment my grandma walked in the room, she wondered why we were so quiet and looked so sad but inside I was happy that I had some daughter mother quality time. In my mind I put the pieces together. Even though I knew my sister was moving I wondered if my sister leaving would make my relationship with my parents stronger or just make me lonelier.
+ + + +

          That night lying in bed I thought of my mom and dad and my two sisters and my brother. I thought of all the moments we had together, all the moments that were special to me and that I would never forget. I also thought of all the moments that were to come, all the memories I was going to make with them. No matter what was going to happen we were going to be a family and a happy one. I love my mom and dad and three older brothers that tease me and make fun of me. I love them and they love me. I am fine with having them be anywhere and anytime as long as they were there with me.

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